Professori Michel Eichelbaumille 2015 EACPT Lifetime Achievement Award -palkinto


EACPT on valinnut 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award -tunnustuspalkinnon saajaksi professori Michel Eichelbaumin. Palkinto luovutetaan EACPT:n Madridin kokouksessa 30.6.2015. Ohessa EACPT:n tiedote asiasta:


Michel Eichelbaum is one of the most cited pharmacologists in in the world. He has published nearly 500 articles, reviews and book chapters and numerous abstracts, and his work has been cited over 25,000 times by other authors. His primary research interest has been the pharmacogenetics of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporter proteins. 

He was also one of the pioneers of studying various aspects of the stereochemistry of drugs, the use of stable isotopes in clinical pharmacology and intestinal metabolism and transport of drugs.